Should nuclear power plants stay open?

The government is planning to keep the nuclear power plants open until 2025. Smaller companies like Elektrawinds and Eneco fear that keeping these plants open would cost their place in the green energy market.

According to a  protocol agreement, Elektrabel is required to invest part of his profit in renewable energy. Smaller companies don’t have the capital to compete with the large scaled investments. As a result of the delay of the closuredeadline, Elektrabel would be able to monopolise the green energy market as well.

Elektrabel still ownes some old coal power plants. Coal power plants can be easily converted to biomassplants, this are plants that burn organical waste which yields into sustainable energy.These plants and the fact that they already possess a large capital, gives them a huge head start that smaller companies can’t overcome.

The closure of the nuclear power plants would on the other hand have a negative impact on the electricity bills of the consumer. The cost would rise about 19%! for the average family. The increase of electricity costs can be explained by the fact that the exploitation costs of a nuclear plant are minimal in comparison to the building costs. Thus a nuclear plant is only ecomically profitable on the long-term.

Energy costs are related to it’s availability and production. When you take into account that we are already too reliable on other countries for electricity and that smaller companies can’t replace the void the closure of the plants would leave behind, closing down the nuclear power plants, in times that is speculated that it will only be a matter of time until Belgium falls without electricity, would be a really bad idea.

source:CERN, de morgen.

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